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The Pickup Artist Season 2

The Pickup Artist Season 2

I’m not sure how many of you have read THE GAME by Neil Strauss, but it’s a favorite of several of us here at blogmogger. Last year Mystery, one of the primary characters followed in the Game, created the show the Pickup Artist, and the second season of the just started last week. The premise of this show is simple. Mystery has developed a system with which to pickup women. In the show he teaches a group of geeks and nerds this system to improve their social skills. One contestant is eliminated each week based on their performance in a session. In the session, the contestants are sent to a bar to pick up girls. The escapades are filmed by hidden cameras, and we enjoy. Anyways, I’ve decided to start a weekly column about the show. This first week is my running diary of the events of the show. Here we go:

Just a thought. How can you be that hyped about doing this show considering last season only one guy made out with a chick and maybe three actually got numbers. These have to be people that have read the Game and think they’ll get that treatment versus the VH1 dumbed down version.

Waiting for one of these guys that says he isn’t a virgin to admit to paying a hooker for sex.

Karl is an emo super geek. I didn’t know they existed.

Greg is gonna be hilarious. Voice cracks

Almost had Greg admit the hooker

Two Asians this season but no blacks or Latinos (I think). Come on there have to be black nerds and geeks out there.

Hey Brian, I agree with the ladies. I think your gay too.

Wacky Asian Brian dude has been carrying around a collinder the whole time he has been in the house. Wondering if anybody else is noticing this. Is he waiting for the spaghetti to get done? I don’t know?

Simeon has a button down collared shirt with the wrinkled collar popped. I don’t think he understands that you only pop the collar of coats and polo’s.

I wonder if they even need to give prize money away. I think there would still be guys willing to do the show. On that note I have another grip with the show. I think that would be a much better format if they allowed the guys to stay the whole season. No eliminations so we can see how the progress. You couldn’t have as many guys though either, but I think it be much more interesting that way. It would be more true to THE GAME.

The Clubs are the biggest criticism of this show. Are they real or staged, and if they’re real to the people they're know they are being filmed (don’t they have to). If they do how does it affect their behavior. It seems they don’t know, but I wonder what they say when they see themselves being shallow bitches on TV.

Three second rule. Never followed. It absolutely is never followed. And then to ask someone how much his or her drink cost.

Again three-second rule is ignored. Wow, that pick up line was wasn’t that bad, and for that bitch friend to say, “Why are you talking to him?” What a (insert four letter word that seems to be the worst word you can say).

Come on. Let us actually see Mystery run a full set. This bit and piece shit is gay. You see them pulling these moves he talks about, but just parts. Enough that you can recognize what it is, but not enough to fully convince me of his legend from the Game. That is something I’d really like to see. I don’t give a shit about Matador. He looks like he can pick up a chick with or without Mystery’s system.

Rian is now tabbed for first to be eliminated. You can’t freak out and cry while you/re trying to find a new look for yourself. Come on buddy; that would be a blast. You have this whole store to yourself; there is nobody to give you weird looks while you try on clothes you never would normally (hope I don’t sound to gay). There is zero reason to break down and feel overwhelmed. You are not interacting with girls; I repeat you are not even interacting with girls.

The look change has to be the most important part of this all. I have to totally agree with mystery on this one. You have to look sexually active to be perceived as such. I know, dumb logic, but still. Even if you have the best game in the world, the way some of these guys look would not even allow them to get into a conversation with a girl.

Wow Simeon look change jumped him up in my rankings. His wacky behavior can work with this look. Meanwhile Rian, I am still tipping you to go.

Are vests in now? At least half of the guys have incorporated one into their “new’ look. I definitely need to go get one for myself.

I’m not sure about Karl’s look change. I guess it’s an improvement, but the hair do is terrible. Should have gone for something with more volume (wow I sound alittle gay there don’t I).

Next to come my week 1 power rankings.

The Pickup Artist 2- Power Rankings Episode 1

The Contenders
Matt Radmanovich

This is the guy whose opener was, “What kind of drink is that… How much does it cost?” and is afraid that he is too witty for the women. Despite this I think he has a good shot. This appearance is alright, and the makeover made it even better (chest waxing, dental surgery). This guy was also supposedly dumped when he flew to England to visit his girlfriend who was studying abroad. I know you girls like to breakup face to face, but that was a cunt move. Revenge can be one hell of a motivating factor.

Kevin Feng

First off, he will now be referred to as Small-Dick McGee as it is a named that is recounted in his bio as one he was teased with. Didn’t stand out that much in the first episode which is one of the reasons I have him amongst the contenders. One of the geeks that doesn’t actually look like one (apart from being Asian), and that is always an advantage. Also, he is one of three to not admit to being a virgin. Reaching the prize changes the dynamics of meeting women, it just does. Like Greg, he could have a bit of backlash from being to cocky.

Todd Pabst

This guy seems just like your ordinary guy who is shy, and not really a nerd per se. If he is able to use the PUA skills, he’ll be a real threat. Plus he got rid of that terrible chin beard (I myself use to rock one, its not flattering and makes your face look smaller).

The Sleeper
Simeon Moses

This guy was in a frat. It had to be the resident Lambda Lambda Lambda (nerd frat) of the school. Also says he has had sex. Maybe with a hooker. Anyways, despite this I still think he has an outside chance. I know your all saying, “there is no way in hell this guy will when; he is a creeper.” But after his makeover I feel he can morph from creepy guy to wacky guy. Everyone has that wacky friend that gets play somehow and that’s what this guy can be if he can learn to control it.

The Wait and See
Greg Fellows

This guy is a real enigma. First or all, his bio is the only one that doesn’t give an age. Second, this guy is a real estate agent. You have to have people skills to be successful in that field. Third, Greg’s bio also makes him out to be a tad arrogant and a bit of a know it all with the ladies. If so, way the F*&^ are you here. Could this be the arrogant Indian guy from season 1 reincarnated (man I hated that guy)? On the other hand, because he doesn’t look or act like a complete buffoon, and, in the makeover, he ditched the glasses and long hair this guy could have a shot. Arrogance is the main reason he is in this group, but who knows?

Brian Ly

Don’t know much else about this guy than he is wacky and zany (yup zany). This guy is motivated for some pun and could eventually pose a threat.

Karl Meyer

I don’t have much to say about him. Glad be changed his hair, but not a fan of the final result. I don’t see him lasting to long.

Alex William Shelley

Dude you just might in fact be gay. No guy I know would brag about being the biggest hipster in OK. Also, the only kind of people that have that kind of obsession with the 80s are either girls or gay dudes (I am guessing you have a dick). He did heed Mystery’s advice and revamped his image (Like Matador said maybe he thought he was peacocking). That’s the one thing keeping him out of Beyond Help.

Beyond Help
Rian Turner
With the Twist at the end of the first episode it’s got to be this guy that’s going home. Having a breakdown will getting a makeover, yeah there is no helping you.

Side Notes:
To put this list together I was moseying around the VH1 website for a little more info on the guys. Here are a few random notes I had in the process:

1- All the comments about the show I saw were from girls. Well at least the names attached to the posts were feminine. You think these girls are actual normal girls or just girls out of the same mold as the guy contestants. I’d put money on the latter.

2- These bios are cheese city. Definitely written by a female (or gay dude )

3- Asian Brian and Matt have the exact same bio entry (matt’s twice). This left me with even less info about Asian Brian

4-A final side note. While I was looking through the PUA 2 website on VH1 I noticed that for Mystery’s Bio they mention nothing at all about Neil Strauss and The Game. I wonder if they are still in contact or the falling out was really that bad. Strauss did paint quite a picture of him.

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Great post, Big Baby. Love the PUA2 idea, run with it for sure. Hilarious stuff. Just make sure to proofread one more time before posting--a few minor things this time stood out. But great work overall!