Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Jimmy McNulty throws like a girl."

I know the series ended like a year or two ago, but I’ve recently begun watching the wire on DVD. I've fallen into the new of renting series on DVD. With the series on DVD you can start from the begging and watch straight through. You can watch a season in a week or two. If been drawn to the hbo series since I’ve never had it. I’ve been swimming through series such as the entourage, rome, and deadwood. They have all pleased.

My most recent venture is The Wire. Season One was quite good and got me hooked. Season Two was a bit of a letdown, but there was enough character development to keep me in.
How about that cheesiness factor when the whole detail got back together. Everyone in one room laughing and reminiscing with a token guy stand on a stoll in a "cool" pose. That was Cheeeeeeeese.

Anyways that is away from the point, I’m writing about McNulty. Jimmy MuNulty. He is the character we have all grown to love. The character I myself, have come to idolize. He is the alcoholic, doesn't give a damn about the rules, tail chasing (and quite successful), dective of the Baltimore City Police Department (I think he is Irish but looks more hispanic if you ask me).

He is the Best!

Then comes season 3 episode 6. Aka, McNulty Throws Like a Girl. The scene starts with him and a Major (higher rank), whom he is rubbing off on. The Major sees a younger version of himself in him. There they are They ar drinking outside right outside the police station in direct violation of the rules. McNulty has just finished one off and prepares to throw the empty on top of the roof (another big no no). The act that occurs next is one of the worst moments in teleivision. The deidolization of your hero. McNulty's tosses the can atop the roof only HE THROWS IT LIKE A GIRL, an 11 year old, never played softball, girly girl. This, my friends, was a major let down. The guy I had come to idolize, who I had embraced. I can now only see as an actor with a weak arm. Didn’t your dad enroll you in little league. That is still a rite of passage for a boy. Right? Instead of Pops signing his sissy son up for little league i now have a wuss actor that has fooled me into the greatness of McNulty. The guy is simply some drama club nerd that is a damn fine actor. At least until the having to throw debacle. I am disgusted.

See you next Tuesday McNulty. See you next Tuesday.

Big Baby

Monday, December 08, 2008

Jedi Master Kenny Williams


I am a baseball fan first and foremost, and with the winter meetings starting, I probably scan the baseball pages of ESPN a little more closely than the average fan. The one thing I’ve begun to notice is that White Sox’s GM Kenny Williams pulls off some incredible deals (check link in title). I’m starting to think the guy must have the Jedi mind trick. The most recent example to support this hypothesis was on ESPN rumor central today. Master Williams may have convinced Walt Jocketty of a deal involving Jermaine Dye for Homer Bailey straight up. Dye is a past his prime slugger ala Ken Griffey Jr. like he was for most of his time in Cincinnati. Really Walt, you just got done unloading Griffey for nothing and you want to add another big contract for an aging past his prime slugger. Come on, there is no way this deal should happen like this. Anyways, if it does, here is how I imagine it went down:

KW: Hey Walt, how are things going down there.

WJ: Well Kenny, I think I may have gotten myself in my over my head. This Reds organization is terrible. All the fans talk about is how great Joe Morgan is as a player and as a color guy. I mean, come on, that guy needs to pull the stick out of his a**. Whupp-te-doo your in the Hall of Fame as a second basemen. That means your one of the best at the position where they stick guys who can’t throw and have no pop in their bat. Sorry Kenny, I’m rambling, you don’t want to hear my sorrows. Oh, and thanks again for taking Griffey off my hands. What did you want to talk about?

KW: Well, I just wanted to let you know I’m shopping Jermaine Dye around and thought you should be the first to know.

WJ: Humm. Well he did hit 30+ homers and almost 100 RBIs, and we just cleared out one of our outfield spots, again thanks for the Griffey deal. Dye or Hopper…

KW: Well, I’d be willing to part with him for say… How about Homer Bailey.

WJ: Whoa, I know he was pretty bad this year, but come on he is only 22. He can still develop. He was a number one pick.

KW: Dye for Bailey will be just fine. The only way he will improve is from a change of scenery.

WJ: Well, I guess his numbers were pretty bad, maybe a change of scenery would be best for him. I guess if you guys where to add some cash to offset the salary differences. I mean we did split the Griffey salary and buyout with you.

KW: Naw, Dye for Bailey straight up will be fine. The more I think about it WE really should be getting another prospect from you guys. I mean Dye is an All-star. But I can live with just getting Bailey.

WJ: OK, OK, Dye for Bailey sounds good Kenny. I’ll get my people working on the details; see you in Las Vegas to finalize. Let’s meet up at the Bunny Ranch.

KW: Sounds good Walt. I’ll be expecting you to foot the bill?

WJ: Whoa. Who said that? Those girls can be expensive.

KW: Walt, clam down. You will pay for my tryst and book Isabella Soprano for me.

WJ: I will pay for your tryst and book Isabella Soprano for you.

KW: Great see you then. Kenny Williams Out.