Thursday, April 09, 2009

St. Louis Meal Deals

I have my own list of excellent St. Louis meal deals after having lived there for 5 years and dined at only the finest and most luxurious of restaurants. This list should serve as an extensive list of places to go when you feel like a nice meal out.

1. Mi Ranchito
Me and G-Gel Unit, Big Baby Davis and everyone else in STL realized that this was by far the best reataurant of all time and the only place to go if it was someone's birthday. This place kicks the shit out of all other restaurants and stands alone as the only champion of delicious food and great drink and food specials. If you don't eat here, you are obviously a piece of trash and unworthy of the delicious food and the only place that would allow me Grant, DJ and Davis to bring in a our own bottle of tequila to drink. Goddamn I love this place.

2. See above.



Sunday, April 05, 2009


Hello Friends of the Mog,

This is a public service announcement. My ladyfriend recently moved to the bustling metropolis known as "St. Louis, Missouri." Though she has certainly been in awe of our fast-paced, city lifestyle, especially as compared to where she came from (New York City), she has found the time to create a brand new blog highlighting all of the various food and drink specials from around the St. Louis Area called STL Eat For Less. You can find it here. Please bookmark it if you're in the area and want to get the "scoop" on nearby deals at area restaurants. It is still a work in process, but we'll keep adding stuff and hopefully it will become the definitive guide to dining out in the area. If you missed the link the first time, here it is again (I spoil you people...). That is all.